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Womens Pyjamas

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Womens Pyjamas : Whether you like to lounge around all day in your comfortable PJs or simply wear them while sleeping, our plush & rich pajamas are the perfect pick. We have a wide range of coloured pyjamas with cool prints and designs that let you wind down after a tiring day at work and relax in bed. You can choos ... Read more
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Think of the most comfortable clothes and pajamas immediately strike your mind. After all, there is no denying that when it comes to sleepwear, after night suits and nighties, ladies pajamas offer the ultimate comfort and relaxation. So whether it’s a pyjama party or simply about relaxing at home on a weekend, pajamas for women do the trick every time.

If you need a little queue on how to select the right pajama and rock that slumber party in style, we got you covered.

Tips to Shop for Pajamas

• Fabric:The first and foremost thing to consider is the fabric. Opt for quality girls pajamas that provide utmost comfort and pamper you inside out. Opt for cotton based fabrics for they are breathable and soft, ideal for summers. For winters, you can choose the ones with inner fleece for that added warmth. If you want something fancy and different, you can also opt for satin and crepe based pyjamas. The butter soft fabric feels super smooth and fits like a second skin.

• Colour & Print: Want something casual and basic just to sleep into? Opt for pyjamas in white, black, or other pastel shades. However, if you want something trendy and cool, go for funky prints like pretty polka, sassy stripes, flirty florals, and more. These are ideal for those sassy sleepovers with your girlfriends.

• Type: Lastly, you would want to figure out the type of pajama you want- whether you want something matchy-matchy or pick the top & pyjama separately. Either way, you can find everything at Clovia.

So, what are you waiting for? Have that amazing laze time and pick your perfect pair at Clovia. Choose from a wide selection of colours, prints and patterns in the comfiest styles possible. Whether you’re looking for breathable cotton ones for summers or warm inner fleece ones for winters, we’ve got it all.


Q1. How long should you wear pajamas?
A1. You can stay in your pajamas as long as you want but don’t forget to wear a clean pair everyday. As long as you’re doing that, you’re good.

Q2. Can I wear my pajamas outside?
A2. Absolutely. No one ever said that pajamas are simply meant to be worn inside the house. In fact, they are also catching up fast in the fashion world. You can run daily errands like grocery shopping or literally anything you want to.

Q3. How often should you wash pyjamas?
A3. Everytime you wear them. It helps maintain personal hygiene and avoids buildup of perspiration throughout the night, so you can feel fresh and comfortable.

Q4. Are pyjamas necessary?
A4. Yes. Just like you head to work in formal clothes, it is absolutely necessary to wear pajamas for a good night’s sleep. They offer utmost relaxation and comfort, so you can get a good night’s sleep.

Q5. What is the difference between palazzo and pajama?
A5. Both of them are wide-leg, which makes them extremely comfortable. However, pyjamas are more relaxing and are specifically designed for sleeping or lounging around. On the other hand, the former is meant to be worn out and usually have a style element to it.

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